PQube and Kadokawa Games have announced that Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is headed to Switch in the west next year.

The game's described as a nonlinear, open-world JRPG featuring real-time battles and vehicle combat. You'll be taking control of the game's protagonist, Talis, as you set out on a quest to search for survivors across the devastated world of Dystokio.

Reborn is a remake of 2018's Metal Max Xeno which launched on Switch in Japan last year. Today's western announcement happens to coincide with the Metal Max series' 30th anniversary. Here's a feature list:

- There are no limits to where you can go, no matter your progression in the game.
- Post-apocalyptic world where humans are endangered, and machines roam the wasteland
- Open world JRPG with real-time battle and vehicle combat elements
- Traverse the wasteland in tanks or disembark on foot with allies
- Scavenge for parts to customise, upgrade and modify your tanks with endless combinations
- Based on Metal Max Xeno (2018) and latest game in the classic Japanese series, 'Metal Max'
Fully redeveloped with brand new visual enhancements, battle mechanics, skills
and modification system
- Team up with beloved battle dog, Pochi, as you venture out to unite the remaining survivors

Pochi Gif

Not that we're comparing the two, but in a similar fashion to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Metal Max Xeno: Reborn lets you explore the game's entire map from the get-go, no matter how far you've progressed through the story.

We'll make sure to keep an eye out for an exact release date going forward but until then, let us know if you're interested in picking this one up with a comment below.