If you subscribe to Nintendo's official YouTube channel, you might have noticed over the past day that it has uploaded its Switch Online overview trailer again. Despite being a fresh upload, the dislikes already outnumber the likes.

At the time of writing, there are around 5K likes and 15K dislikes. Here's a sample of one of the thousands of comments:

"Uploading this online trailer a million times is not going to change the fact that we’re still against it."

While it's got some viewers thinking Nintendo is trying to get a more positive reception out of its fanbase, it seems this is likely not the case.

As noted by a few other comments underneath the same video, towards the end of the trailer there's now footage of the new Switch Online exclusive, PAC-MAN 99. There's also some Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay in there, so it's definitely an updated video.

"They added Pacman 99 to the trailer at 2:43. That's it. That's why they reuploaded it."

Still, it's not the best look when this trailer keeps getting uploaded and the dislikes significantly outnumber the likes.

Although the Switch Online service might not have the best reputation among the fanbase, the service is not exactly struggling. As of September last year, it has now accumulated more than 26 million subscribers.

So, how can Nintendo make the rest of its fanbase happy? Apparently all it would take is a library of Nintendo 64 games:

This isn't the first time we've seen headlines about companies re-uploading game trailers. Last year, The Pokémon Company re-uploaded a video of Pokémon Unite on multiple occasions.

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