During its Corporate Management Briefing for September 2020, Nintendo revealed its online service for the Switch now has over 26 million paid users.

Membership numbers have apparently grown alongside hardware sales at a steady pace, and spikes in sign-ups have been promoted by games featuring online play. It was also noted how the consumer base had "quickly adopted" the service in the two years since it had launched.

As highlighted in the graphic below, the 2020 release Animal Crossing: New Horizons has played a big part - shifting more than 22 million units worldwide (as of August) and resulting in increased hardware sales and memberships.

NSO Online Service

Nintendo's plan for the Switch Online service hasn't changed since the previous update. According to president Shuntaro Furukawa, the aim is to continue to improve customer satisfaction and the "long-term vitality" of the service by releasing "attractive" titles on it.

Are you one of the 26 million players who subscribe to NSO service? How do you think it's gone so far? Share your thoughts below.

[source nintendo.co.jp]