Breath Of The Wild Link's House
Image: RaphBlade7, zelda-archive.fandom

Well, we hope you're feeling ready for another round of 'Breath of the Wild's been out for four whole years and I had no idea that this was a thing'.

Plenty of us have played Zelda: Breath of the Wild to death at this point, but the game still offers up plenty of new surprises. The latest little detail to catch our eye was spotted by Reddit user mxomn1, who's discovered a cool little fact about Link's house in Hateno Village.

As it turns out, the house (which can be obtained and worked on by unlocking the Hylian Homeowner sidequest in the village) just so happens to be set in a pretty perfect location on the map. By climbing up the house's chimney, Link's presented with a view of all four of the Divine Beasts from a single spot. You can see it for yourself below.

There aren't too many spots that offer such a good view of all four Beasts, leading some Reddit users to wonder whether Nintendo chose this location for Link's humble abode on purpose. It certainly offers a great reminder of Link's journey once you're done with the main story, so perhaps it was designed to be the ideal place for relaxing and reminiscing over times gone by?

Had you noticed this before from your own playthrough? If yes, what are you doing climbing up chimneys in your spare time? We need answers in the comments below.

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