Switch UI, fan redesign
Image: Frieznburg

The Nintendo Switch has been in our hands for more than four years now, but the console's home screen and user interface have remained largely untouched.

On the one hand, you could say that the system's simplicity doesn't need altering and works just fine as is, but we've seen enough 'WHERE ARE THE FOLDERS, NINTENDO!?' comments to know that plenty of Switch owners wouldn't mind a few handy new features. So long as these tweaks don't interfere with the console's impressive speed, we'd have to say we agree.

We've seen fans take on Switch UI redesigns in the past, but this new effort from Reddit user Frieznburg has us particularly impressed. The design maintains Switch's current focus on the games themselves, keeping them front and centre and arguably making them even more gorgeous in the process, while adding the folders we so desperately crave and key stats, all right there on the home screen.

It's not too complicated – we're glad to see that Frieznburg hasn't ruined the idea with CPU-intensive dynamic themes or any major overhauls – and the whole thing would be a pretty welcome change in our view.

Switch UI, fan redesign
Folders! Can you imagine? — Image: Frieznburg

But what about you? Would you like Nintendo to spice up the Switch's UI in a similar way to this concept video? Is there anything else you'd change, or do you think the Switch is already perfect as it is? Let us know in the comments below.

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