Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the cult classic Game Boy Advance title Mother 3. While there's still no sign of an official localisation, fans many years ago took matters into their own hands by releasing their own translation.

While nothing official is happening, it seems the fan translation is celebrating the 15-year milestone with a special patch - bumping this build up to version 1.3. Mother 3 fan translator Tomato says the new patch is "almost entirely" thanks to fellow translator @Lorenzooone, who spent the three years reprogramming the game.

As detailed in the tweet above, the patch fixes various bugs and issues, and even makes some improvements. You can get the full rundown here.

At this rate, this seems about as good as it's going to get for the Mother 3 15 year anniversary. Do you have any fond memories of this game, or are you still hoping for an official release here in the west? Leave a comment down below.