Mortal Kombat
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Paul W. S. Anderson's original Mortal Kombat film from 1995 might not have hit the heights of the legendarily gruesome game series, but it was goofy popcorn fare and it very comfortably ranks among the better video game movie adaptations thanks to the generally low quality of that particular genre. Following promo clips for the new reboot, we kept our expectations in check, but the film recently debuted in US theatres and on HBO Max following a short delay and, by all accounts, it's pretty good.

With a US domestic box office take of $22.5 million over its first weekend (thanks, Destructoid), Warner Bros. will presumably be pleased with the movie's performance out of the gate, especially considering its 'R' rating.

Given the realities of COVID-19 and its effect on cinemas and cinemagoers across the world — and the fact that the movie is also available to stream from the comfort of your home — that's not a bad opening salve for director Simon McQuoid's latest take on the ultra-violent fighter series. Add in international takings and the film's worldwide box office figures currently stand at just over $50 million.

Whether the movie has the stamina to keep up a decent pace over the coming weeks is another matter, although reviews so far have been relatively positive, so perhaps it's got legs yet.

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