Monster Hunter Rise

Earlier today, we shared the news that Monster Hunter Rise has hit another major sales milestone by shifting a whopping six million units in a single month. That's an impressive feat on its own, but it's even more impressive when you look through Capcom's history.

As it turns out, Rise's six million sales figure makes it Capcom's second best-selling game for a single platform. Looking at the company's list of Platinum titles, only the classic SNES version of Street Fighter II has sold more with a total of 6.3 million units (thanks to Alex Aniel for the spot).

Other games have sold plenty more – Capcom's best-selling game of all time is Monster Hunter: World on 16.8 million and counting, and plenty of Resident Evil games have sold seven million plus – but these launched across multiple systems and therefore had a much larger consumer base hoovering up copies. Rise is currently only available on Switch, and with another 300,000 more sales, it'll become the highest-selling game that's exclusive to one platform.

Of course, with a version of Rise set to launch on PC in 2022, the game won't be able to hold onto that title forever. Still, if nothing else, it certainly shows just how hungry Nintendo fans can be for new Monster Hunter games.

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