It breaks our little hearts that the fantastic number-sliding game Threes never made it to Switch, but... we get it. Just in case, though, if any of the people who worked on it are reading this: we would definitely play it. Just in case.

But good news: the creator of Threes, Asher Vollmer, just announced a one-two-punch of new studio and new game, and the game is coming to Nintendo Switch! Woo!

Beast Breaker: dialogue with a bird-man
Image: Vodeo Games

"The game combines satisfying pinball physics with tactical decision making. Pick a style of attack, line up the best angle, and launch!"

The new studio is called Vodeo Games (excellent), and the game is Beast Breaker, a ball-bouncing game in the vein of Holedown, but with a twist: instead of breaking blocks, you're breaking beasts - hence the title, duh.

Also, instead of playing a ball, you'll be playing as Skipper, a tiny mouse - and boy, do we love games about tiny mice.

The Vodeo Games creed is all about "making high quality games regularly and sustainably," according to Vollmer, and though we don't have specifics on what that means, it's not difficult to find tales of abuse and stressful work environments in the games industry.

Beast Breaker: the anatomy of a boss
Image: Vodeo Games

With a team that includes one of the co-directors of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, the sound designer of Hyper Light Drifter, and one of the writers from Cozy Grove, it's already a star-studded production with a lot of talent.

Beast Breaker: some kind of map?
Image: Vodeo Games

If we sound excited, it's because we are - Threes was a masterclass of simple, finely-tuned game design, and although Beast Breaker is a significantly bigger undertaking, we're keen to see how it turns out.

There's no release date yet, but we do have confirmation that it'll be coming to Switch alongside the PC launch.