Dead Cells Whack A Mole

We are officially on Dead Cells' 23rd update, which is incredible, but what's more incredible is that they're still adding actual (free!!) content to the game ahead of its fourth birthday on the 10th May.

The latest update is named "Whack-A-Mole", presumably because it involves getting a melanoma screening. What's that? It doesn't? Well, you should get one anyway! Prevention is the best cure!

Tombstone gif
The Tombstone in motion

Three new weapons have been added to the game: The Oven Axe, The Toothpick, and The Tombstone. All three are Big, but the latter is an actual tombstone that "kills your enemies dead" and leaves your mark on their graves.

There are also three new mutations, all of which were suggested by community members: No Mercy, which insta-kills enemies under 15% health; Point Blank, which scales up damage done at close range with ranged weapons; and Barbed Tips, which deals extra damage to foes with multiple arrows in them.

Other changes include a new diet called Omnivorous, and a new difficulty curve.

For all the patch notes, balance changes, fixes, and more, check out the Dead Cells blog! Mmm, patch notes.

Enjoy your Dead Cells-filled weekends, folks!