Image: 3-Fold Games

It's possible that a good number of people reading this have some experience of dementia, perhaps through seeing a relative or loved one go through its challenges. Unsurprisingly it's not often seen in games, but Before I Forget has received praise for its handling of the topic; previously on Steam, this narrative game is now confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch eShop on 29th April.

Before I Forget puts you in the shoes of Sunita, a woman living with early onset dementia, as you explore your home and try to piece together memories. Addressing the impact of dementia, it looks to skilfully and sensitively portray the challenges and emotions of the illness, which can cause symptoms such as memory loss, anxiety and hallucinations.

The game was recently recognised with a BAFTA Games nomination (like the video game Oscars in the UK) in the 'Game Beyond Entertainment' category, which was eventually won by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It kept some very impressive company in that category.

Are you interested in playing through this on Switch next week?