Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, developed by Jankenteam, looks like another welcome remaster of a much loved retro title. The pleasing news for old SEGA heads is that it now has a firm release date, arriving on Nintendo Switch on 24th June.

To celebrate the release date it has a neat new trailer (via IGN).

It looks like a potentially excellent reimagining; there'll be new levels, modes and music, but also the option to experience the game in its original SEGA Master System form; we had a chat with the developers last year, too.

In terms of pricing it'll be $19.99USD on the eShop and all other digital stores, but there's also a pretty special physical edition up for pre-order from Signature Edition Games; the standard edition is $29.99USD and the impressive Signature Edition is $54.99USD. Unfortunately the Switch versions are $5 more than the PlayStation / Xbox equivalents, which we can safely say is the good ol' cartridge Switch Tax. In any case, head to this page to check out the options.

Alex Kidd Sig Edition© Signature Edition Games

Are you planning to head off to Miracle World in June?