Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, developed by Jankenteam, looks like another welcome remaster of a much loved retro title. The pleasing news for old SEGA heads is that it now has a firm release date, arriving on Nintendo Switch on 24th June.

To celebrate the release date it has a neat new trailer (via IGN).

It looks like a potentially excellent reimagining; there'll be new levels, modes and music, but also the option to experience the game in its original SEGA Master System form; we had a chat with the developers last year, too.

In terms of pricing it'll be $19.99USD on the eShop and all other digital stores, but there's also a pretty special physical edition up for pre-order from Signature Edition Games; the standard edition is $29.99USD and the impressive Signature Edition is $54.99USD. Unfortunately the Switch versions are $5 more than the PlayStation / Xbox equivalents, which we can safely say is the good ol' cartridge Switch Tax. In any case, head to this page to check out the options.

Alex Kidd Sig Edition
Image: Signature Edition Games

Are you planning to head off to Miracle World in June?