When you hear the words 'irreverent rapid fire microgames played in quick succession', you hopefully think of WarioWare because we're not sure there's much else that fits that description. These games have always taken advantage of the hardware available to the consoles they're on, from the Wii Remote to the DSi camera, and yet in the age of the Switch and the Joy-Con with all its whizzbang features and fancy gadgetry, we have yet to be graced with a Switch-compatible title.

There's so much to unpack that our very own Jon Cartwright simply had to put Tetris 99 down for just a moment and ponder what could be done with the series on Switch. From the IR camera to HD Rumble, there's so much potential it's bordering on criminal. Give the video above a watch to see what he has to say with his mouth sounds.

What would you like to see in a WarioWare game on Switch? Let us now with some words in the comment depository.