Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo

The latest sales data from GfK, GSD and the Entertainment Retailers Association reveals that Nintendo sold 1.5 million Switch units across the UK throughout 2020.

As reported by, this 1.5 million figure is significantly up from the previous year's numbers, where Nintendo sold "nearly one million" Switch consoles in total. 2020 was a stronger year than 2019 not only for Nintendo, but also for Xbox, and PlayStation, with sales on the increase across the board.

Switch was certainly the most dominant gaming platform in the UK last year, however. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S console sales combined reached "around 600,000," while PS5 and PS4 sales hit "around 900,000." This means that Nintendo managed to match the hardware sales of both its major platform rivals combined – a particularly impressive feat considering the UK market has historically favoured PlayStation systems.

It's worth noting that all three platform holders suffered from issues with stock shortages throughout the year, although the newer PS5 and Xbox Series systems were most impacted.

In terms of UK revenue, Switch generated £367.4 million throughout 2020; PS5 generataed £191 million, and Xbox Series S|X delivered £118 million.