Lego Super Mario Starter Course
Image: Nintendo / Lego

Last year's announcement that LEGO Super Mario would finally happen was like a childhood dream coming true. Blending together block-building with unique character interactions, we've since had several expansions like Bowser's Castle and Toad's Treasure Hunt, and even a LEGO NES Console.

We thought highly of it ourselves, and it's become a big driving force in LEGO's recent success. As part of the LEGO Group's annual financial report, CEO Niels Christiansen confirmed it has witnessed its fastest sales growth in five years, which is now driving investment into digital platforms.

Attributing the Super Mario series as a key driver in this, he confirmed:

In 2020, we saw early benefits of these investments. A strong, diverse portfolio attracted builders of all ages. The launch of LEGO Super Mario introduced an entirely new way to play and was one of our most successful new themes.

Considering its popularity, we wouldn't be surprised to see further Super Mario sets down the line. For now, there's been no end to fan creativity with Nintendo's other series. One Zelda fan recently showcased a LEGO Temple of Time, a Metroid set was pitched two months ago, and a Nook's Cranny set was under formal review back in September.

We're interested to see what comes next but, in the meantime, if you're looking to get invested in LEGO Super Mario, you can check out our sets guide, too.

Any Nintendo LEGO sets you'd love to see? Let us know below.

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