You are a bird. And you are a pro skater. That's the pitch behind SkateBIRD, folks: a game which takes the grindathon of a Tony Hawk game and mixes it with the concept of also being a bird.

With a vague release date of 2021, after being pushed back last year, SkateBIRD will be coming to the Nintendo Switch "soon", according to the developer commentary in the new trailer above. The trailer also shows off a new area, the office, which comes with a bunch of Thrusher magazines and stationary to kickflip off of.

Time to do a beakless semi-half-wedge on the tailzone — Image: Glass Bottom Games

You can play the game's demo on Steam, or wishlist it on Switch to get any news as it arrives. Until then, we'll just have to practice our sweet tricks on those tiny finger skateboards that we all had in the '90s.