Final Fantasy Xiii
Image: Square Enix

Polish studio Forever Entertainment – the team behind the Panzer Dragoon remaster on Switch – has just announced that it has inked a new deal with Square Enix which will see remakes of "several" titles. All of these remakes are based on the same "brand", but that series hasn't been confirmed at the moment; it will be "made public in a separate report when the global marketing campaign begins".

Forever Entertainment's productions will include "a new graphic design", but the "gameplay and scenario" will remain "consistent with the original version".

Revenue "across all platforms" will be split equally between Forever Entertainment and Square Enix. Forever Entertainment will cover the costs of development from its own funds.

What series do you think this could be? And, given the fact that Forever Entertainment focused on Switch for its aforementioned Panzer Dragoon remake, do you think Switch will be one of the proposed platforms? As ever, we want to hear your thoughts, so post a comment below.