We're approaching four years since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe first came out – seven if you count the Wii U version – and fans are seeking out new challenges. Sure, we've had Tour and Home Circuit since then, but they simply don't scratch that same itch.

So, much like Breath of the Wild speedrunners, Mario Kart players are getting creative. This latest speedrunning category is appropriately called "Blue Yourself" and has seemingly emerged within the last two weeks, considering most records were set several days ago.

Any Mario Kart veteran knows to fear the Blue Shell, but in this category, your aim is to actively hit yourself with it in single-player mode. If the CPU hits you, that doesn't count, and you can't be within the blast radius when a different character is hit.

Currently, SkillozGaming holds the world record, using Baby Daisy to hit 37 seconds. That strategy involved falling back, waiting to get several mushrooms, and then boosting ahead once he'd obtained the blue shell. Considering blue shells only appear 30 seconds into a race, it's quite an impressive time.

Would you give this latest speedrunning category a try? Let us know in the comments.

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