EarthBound Mother
Image: @Elk_sign

One cult hit JRPG series that many Nintendo fans refuse to forget about is Mother, otherwise known as the EarthBound series.

Although Nintendo has done nothing new with Ness and the gang in many years now, diehard fans continue to show their support for this weird and wonderful IP in many different ways.

With this in mind, artist and Pizia Studios co-founder, Ezequiel Nieto, recently shared four images of what the original Mother could potentially look like if it was reimagined as a 3D game for modern platforms, and it's absolutely stunning.

Although it looks like a clay-like diorama, it was all done within the 3D creation suite Blender on PC. It took about 14 hours and was partly inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch and the original clay art for Mother.

It's impressed everyone so much, that even the series creator Shigesato Itoi retweeted it. Nieto couldn't believe it, either:

“I remember a few guys telling me [that Itoi retweeted me] on Twitter and I was like, ‘nah… can’t be true.’ But when I found out it was true, I [shook] and had a chill … I was so excited.”

Nieto's Pizia Studios is the developer behind Master of Wills - a "collectable card game" for mobile devices. Would you like to see a future Mother/EarthBound game with this sort of artstyle? Leave a comment down below.