Monster Hunter Rise

The day for tracking down mighty foes and slaying them with your closest friends has finally arrived, as Monster Hunter Rise launches today on Nintendo Switch.

In some ways, the Monster Hunter franchise is a bit of an odd beast; we tend to see a divide between players who find the prospect of jumping into the series hugely daunting (likely because there's an awful lot to learn and you need a decent amount of free time to enjoy it properly), and those who are absolutely smitten with anything and everything it has to offer, knowing the game and its mechanics inside and out.

It should be interesting, then, to see just how many of you lovely lot are thinking of trying out Rise on Switch. To mix things up a bit for this particular launch day poll, we're also asking whether or not this will be your first experience with the series, or whether you've played past titles, too.

So, off you go. Cast your votes below:

Will you be getting Monster Hunter Rise, and have you played past entries?

You can check out our full review of the game right here if you want to learn more about it before making your decision, or you can grab a physical copy here if you've already made up your mind.

Feel to expand upon your answers in the comments below.