How many more ways can we invent to say that a game is coming to Switch with a cute play-on-words that references the game's genre? The answer may surprise you.

Anyway, Monster Harvest (not to be confused with Monster Hunter, Monster Rancher, or Harvest Moon) is coming to the Switch on the 13th May, with a physical release launching on the 4th of June in Europe, and the 8th of June in the US.

Monster HarvestMaple Powered Games

Following on from our pretty dire Harvest Moon: One World review, you may be looking for a better farming game to scratch your "doing things outside" itch, and Monster Harvest provides with two key mechanics: farming, and monster-ranching. Hence the title, you see?

Monster Harvest has many of the features you'll recognise from other games, like crafting furniture, making friends with the townsfolk, saving the town from an evil corporation, and planning your farm around the seasons.

Monster HarvestMaple Powered Games

Apparently, much like Ova Magica and Slime Rancher, there will also be "magical" slimes that can help you mutate your crops into new plants or even "Planimals", which are collectible companions.

Monster Harvest is available to wishlist on Steam.

Monster Harvest: too similar to Stardew Valley, or just the right amount of similar? Give us your thoughts in the comments!