Kitaria Fables Key Art

Many of you have been eschewing the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons offerings this month in favour of waiting for Rune Factory 5's release later this year - and we're not too surprised. Rune Factory offers all the farming and foraging of the former two games, but with the added bonus of a robust combat system - and what else are you going to do while waiting for the crops to grow?

But Kitaria Fables knows what you really want: all the fun of Rune Factory, plus cats. PQube has just revealed some of the details of the feline fight-'n'-farm game, including how the class system works, and the local co-op.

There are three classes in Kitaria Fables: swords, bows, and magic. You can switch between these at will, customising your armour and weaponry to suit your chosen playstyle, and switching between ranged and close combat "as often or as little as you like".

Like many games, Kitaria Fables ties magic to the elements, with fire, water, and wind forming the basis of your offensive spells. Lore-wise, magic was apparently outlawed by The Empire long ago - but a mysterious Sage shares spells with you as you grow more powerful.

Kitaria Fables

Local co-op will allow you to team up with a friend to double your firepower, allowing you to combine various different classes and combat styles to defeat enemies faster. Remote co-op will also be available on Steam.

Kitaria Fables will be on Switch "later this year", but no certain release date has been announced.

Does Kitaria Fables tick all your boxes, or are you more of a dog person? Give us your thoughts below.