Image: ZA/UM

[Update 26/03/2021: The clothes are already all out of stock. Dang.]

Did you play through Disco Elysium thinking, "damn, I wish I looked as good as these chaotic weirdos"? Us too! Studio ZA/UM, the chaotic weirdos behind the award-winning narrative role-playing game / political Dungeons-and-Dragons-like (we never know quite how to categorise it) have partnered with a single seamstress in Estonia to make this fashion line, which is possibly the most Disco Elysium way to do it.

Right now, there are only three items available: Kim's Aerostatic Pilot Jacket (his iconic orange one), Kim's Aerostatic Crew Jacket (longer, and in black) and the Lilik-Hiriadi Death Cloak, which is described thusly:

"Ultra-fashionable cloak from the atelier Lilik-Hiriadi of Boogie Street. The designer (a known pyrholidon addict) claims it possesses “extraphysical, psychological effects."

The fabric is covered in Death Head’s Moth Sprawl — a *horror vacui* pattern perfected by Semenese-Revacholian artists in the Twenties. For some reason, it reminds you of your thoughts."

The jackets are both limited editions of 15 each, and the Death Cloak will only be made 7 times. We don't mean to be subjective when we say that this might be the coolest thing we've ever seen. "If the items prove popular we will make more batches available in the future," reads the website, so maybe the rest of us uncool plebs might get a chance once this batch is all done.

Because, by the way - the cloak costs 449 Euro (£386), the Crew Jacket costs 399 (£343) Euro, and the Pilot Jacket is already out of stock.

By our last count, our assets currently include enough money for a medium fish and chips, a small pile of change (for the bus), and a prescription for iron supplements. Do you think ZA/UM would accept an IOU?