Image: Curve Digital

Publisher Curve Digital has announced Muse Games will be releasing its local and online multiplayer game, Embr, on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms this summer.

It's described as a comedic take on the fire fighting, the gig economy and courier services, that charges you and your friends with coming together to "have a crack" at fighting fires and rescuing rescues. It will also support cross-play.

"In Embr, players either take on the game solo or work together in online teams tackling blaze after blaze to earn tips from clients, picking up the ever-so-crucial 5-star rating in order to earn cash, upgrade tools, and hopefully become the ultimate ‘have-a-go hero’ firefighter. Want to make a little money on the side? Then you can also deliver takeout food on the fly with ‘Embr Eats’. Embr really is the ‘uber’ experience for anyone who wants to get to grips with the gig economy."

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