Animal Crossing New Horizons

Update: The official Build-A-Bear account has now made this announcement public, confirming that the range will hit the US and UK!

Original Article: With the likes of Pokémon and Sonic already receiving the Build-A-Bear treatment, it only seems natural that a franchise as current and perfectly suitable as Animal Crossing should get in on the action, too. Thankfully, we're overjoyed to share the news that this will soon be a reality.

Build-A-Bear will soon be launching a "product collection" based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the smash-hit game that's been breaking all sorts of records on Nintendo Switch. The new range is planned to launch later this quarter, although the official website now has a page which lets you sign up for news on a solid release date.

We imagine the announcement will go down a treat, although it'll be interesting to see which characters get the classic Bear treatment. You'd hope that Isabelle and Tom Nook are locked in, but who else would you like to see?

Screenshot 2021 03 10 At 14.49.09
Here's how the official Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear page looks at the time of writing.

Interestingly, this announcement was kind of teased a few months ago, when Build-A-Bear's Twitter account 'took notes' on a fan's wish for the series to be given the green light.

Looking forward to this? Can your wallet take it? Share your excitement with us in the comments below.