Animal Crossing Warp Pipe

Update: Streamer neeks - AKA teakittyy - has kindly keen in touch to break some bad news: the pipe doesn't take you to the "fourth level", but the third. Boo.

Original Story [Mon 1st Mar, 2021 21:30 GMT]: Either you're here because you're wondering what the "fourth level" is, or you're here because you realise how much of a game changer this could be. For the former, the fourth level is something we've covered before - in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can usually only build and climb up to three levels on their island. By using a combination of glitches, timing, and precision, players figured out how to build four levels, and get up to the final one - but now, there's an easier way, thanks to Mario and the gang,

It turns out that the Warp Pipe - one of the new items in the Mario X Animal Crossing set that was added to the game in today's update - actually catapults players into the air upon exiting, which will allow them to build a Warp Pipe on one level, but land on the next one.

Streamer neeks - AKA teakittyy - discovered that the trick would let her land on the mystical fourth level, finally doing away with all the complicated stuff needed to get up there in the past. For anyone who has built on the fourth level, or would like to, this is a huge deal. For anyone else, it's probably just a cool trick that they'll ignore while they happily continue to build within the game's rules.

Will you be using this trick when you get your mitts on the Warp Pipe, or are you content with your three-level island for now? How else are you planning to use the Warp Pipes? Tell us about it in the comments!