We're big audiophiles here at Nintendo Life Towers, and there's nothing we like more than a little behind-the-scenes peek at a recording studio (well, there are some things, but it's up there!). Remember that Mario Medley from Abbey Road? Yep, that's the stuff! There's just something about the cellos, mics, mixing desks, and wood panelling that gets our pulses racing allegro.

If you're a VGM fan with a minute to spare, it's your lucky day — Ariel Contreras-Esquivel, the composer of upcoming Zelda-style dungeon combat platformer Blue Fire, has put together a short clip highlighting the recording of the game's soundtrack ahead of its release later this week. The short video — a Nintendo Life exclusive, no less — also features a few early glimpses of gameplay ahead of the indie game's Switch eShop launch on Thursday 4th February.

The Argentinian composer, who is also currently working with Ubisoft on the upcoming Far Cry 6, can be seen in the minute-long montage conducting and directing vocalists and musicians from the booth as they record tracks for Robi Studios' upcoming game, which looks to combine elements of Zelda, Souls and 3D platformers of old into a dreamy, charming little package. We have to say that its all sounding rather lush and lovely, too.

The game has been on our radar for a while since it debuted in Nintendo's March 2020 Indie World Showcase. We revealed the main character, Umbra, when we spoke to Santiago Rosa at Robi back in May last year, and we went hands-on with a PC build in late-September. As you can see (sorry, hear), the audio is sounding great — we've got our fingers crossed for the game proper, too.

And if you're interested in hearing more of Contreras-Esquivel's work from Blue Fire and his back catalogue, check out the composer's website.

With the game's Switch launch just days away, we've got high hopes that Blue Fire will live up to the potential we saw in it last year. Keep an eye out for our verdict soon, and let us know your thoughts below. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek video above.