Outer Wilds

Hold on a second, we need to stop screaming in excitement - the fantastic narrative-loop adventure mystery game Outer Wilds is coming to Switch at last!

(No, not Outer Worlds - that's the Obsidian game that's like Fallout in space. Yes, we get them confused all the time, and we'll eat our hat if we don't make the mistake in at least one future news piece. Sorry in advance.)

Outer Wilds

With a release window of Summer 2021, we won't have long to wait until we can give the mystery another go, on the go. Every time you have a revelation about part of the game's mystery, you can just whip out your Switch wherever you are!

We won't tell you anything about the plot, because this is one of those games where it's best when you go in completely blind. In fact, why are you here reading this? Go away! You'll spoil the story!

Add it to your wish list here and then FORGET YOU SAW ANYTHING.

Have you been waiting for the Switch version to finally play this GOTY? Let us know in the comments!

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