Bravely Default II

The very first review of Bravely Default II – Square Enix's new RPG launching on Switch this Friday – has now arrived courtesy of Japanese publication, Famitsu.

Famitsu's scoring system has four different reviewers rate the game out of ten; in this case, the magazine's team all awarded the title a score of nine, resulting in an overall score of 36/40 (thanks, Ryokutya2089 / VGC).

As noted by VGC, Famitsu also awarded Bravely Second: End Layer a score of 36/40 in the past, while the first Bravely Default received a slightly higher score of 38/40. The publication's Bravely Default II review reportedly praises the game’s old-school feel and storyline, noting that it 'retains some old-fashioned cham' despite being adjusted for modern audiences.

Make sure to stay tuned for our very own review of the game ahead of this Friday's release and feel free to let us know if you'll be buying a copy in the comments. If you missed it, the game's 'final trailer' was shared just last week.

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