Just in case you thought the trend of playing games with weird and whacky homemade controllers was a thing of the past, Twitch streamer Rudeism is here to remind you that the sport(?) is very much alive and well.

Just like that time someone played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate using a bunch of bananas as a controller, Rudeism has decided to take one indie hit Hades using a pomegranate. Why? Well, why not, we suppose?

In the video above, you can watch the streamer set up the controller – which essentially involves cutting it up and sticking wires into the various chunks that remain – before taking on a run of the game. We can't even begin to imagine how much more difficult Hades must become when you're tapping away on pieces of fruit rather than a controller, so it's safe to say we've been left rather impressed.

Hades pomegranate controller
Here's the controller being built in all its juicy glory... — Image: Rudeism

PCGamesN reports that Rudeism actually managed to get all the way to the Hades boss fight in a recent stream, taking off a bar of his health before meeting his demise. If you want to watch the madness continue to unfold, you can find Rudeism's Twitch channel here.

[source youtube.com, via pcgamesn.com]