Image: Nintendo

It's been an exciting weekend for many Nintendo Switch owners with the first big release of the year Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury now available.

It's not just us fans who have been enjoying the game, either. Yesterday, Goichi Suda, aka "Suda 51" (and the director of the upcoming Switch exclusive No More Heroes III) shared the following tweet showing off his own copy of the game and both of the new Super Mario amiibo.

A lot of responses were surprised to see you can buy the amiibo separately in certain regions and also noted how the new add-on game on the front of the Japanese version is referred to as "Fury World" instead of Bowser's Fury.

Of course, this tweet also resulted in a lot of questions about No More Heroes III. While Suda hasn't responded to any of these comments, as you might recall, the game was delayed last year until 2021.

At the time, it was explained how the pandemic had taken its toll on the game's development schedule, leaving the team with no other option but to delay the release. There's still no word on when exactly it will arrive this year.

In addition to Suda51, Bowser (sorry, Nintendo of America's president) has been playing through the game this weekend on the new Super Mario themed Switch.

Have you been playing Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury yourself over the past few days? Looking forward to the return of Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes III? Leave a comment down below.