Geeks Line NES
Image: Nintendo Life

French publisher Geeks Line is no stranger to a good book – it has already given us the superb N64, SNES and GameCube anthologies – and it's rounding off this Nintendo-themed selection with an exhaustive look at the machine that started it all, the NES (or Famicom if you're of the Japanese persuasion).

Penned by Math Manent – who also wrote the aforementioned N64 and GameCube anthologies – the book covers the history of this epic system in an astonishing degree of detail, from its inception in the early '80s to its eventual demise as the 16-bit era took off in the '90s. Over 1400 games are covered – including Famicom Disk System, cancelled and unlicenced releases – as are the many hardware variants and wacky accessories.

With over 550 pages of information, artwork and photography, the NES/Famicom Anthology is as dense and bursting with detail as its predecessors, making it one of the most comprehensive guides to the console money can buy.

If it sounds like it's up your street, you can head over to the Geeks Line site and order a copy today – as long as you're cool with the rather steep £80 / $110 price tag for the special "Tanuki" edition. The publisher is also selling bundles which include the SNES and NES or N64 and NES anthologies for a reduced price.