Ducktales Remastered.original
Image: Capcom

Capcom brought us a remastered edition of DuckTales several years back, but we still hold a lot of love for the original NES version. Offering us a unqiue platforming adventure, DuckTales was widely noted for its excellent soundtrack – the Moon Theme most prominently – though it only featured a dozen tracks.

Within the last week, a new prototype has since been unearthed. Dated around February 5th 1989 as per The Cutting Room Floor, it's our earliest ever look at the iconic game and such, features a few differences due to its developmental state.

Certain key features are missing – like treasure values – but more excitingly, a previously unused music track titled "Map" has been discovered. Replaced by the "Stage Select" music, this song only runs for 56 seconds, but you can immediately hear clear differences between the two themes.

We'll likely never know why Map was cut from the final release, which is a real shame as it sounds pretty great. Either way, the fact we're still discovering new things about DuckTales – a whole three decades later – is fascinating in itself.

Have you listened to this new track? Do you prefer it to the Stage Select music? Let us know in the comments.