You might remember Doodle Devil (and its sister game, Doodle God) as a game that came out on phones back when smartphone games were relatively new and exciting. In both games, combining elements (Air, Water) will create new ones (Steam) which can then be used to perform ever-increasing numbers of combinations, with results that range from Lava to Absinthe.

Doodle Devil is the decidedly more evil counterpart, in which elements include monsters, heavy metal, and lawyers. The third instalment of the game, Doodle Devil: 3volution, is the first of the Devil series on Switch, although Doodle God: Evolution came out a couple of years ago.

The game will launch at the price of £8.09/$8.99 on Nintendo Switch on the 11th March, with a 25% discount on pre-orders available from the 18th February until the 10th March.