Since arriving on Switch in 2018, Sid Meier's Civilization VI has witnessed strong post-launch support, receiving two expansions, the New Frontier Pass and more. It hasn't always been the smoothest journey, but players can expect Civilization VI's latest free update next week.

Revealed in a developer update on YouTube, Firaxis Games advised this would overhaul Barbarians, the main threat to early civilizations. Available to all players without requiring the previous DLC, this new 'clans' mode adds significant depth to these foes, letting them evolve into a City-State over time if left unattended.

Players can now bribe Barbarians to leave you alone through the "Treat With Tribe" feature, and you can also hire them into your army and pay them to attack enemies, removing suspicion from yourself. If Barbarians kidnap your units, you can pay a ransom instead, ensuring a bloodless exchange.

Alongside clans, this new update adds another requested feature. The "Leader Selection Pool" allows you to block or guarantee which leaders appear on your map. Going live on February 25th, Firaxis reveals that we should expect a further update in April.

Will you be trying out the new Barbarian Clan features? Let us know in the comments.