This year's BlizzCon has just kicked off. To start the show, Blizzard announced the Blizzard Arcade Collection. It's out today on the Nintendo Switch for $19.99 / £16.99 and contains The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing and Blackthorne.

Both the original editions and upgraded definitive editions are included in this package. Each version features enhancements such as key mapping, the ability to rewind up to 10 seconds, and a feature allowing you to save at any time (with the exception of the Definitive Edition of Rock N Roll Racing). There's also enhanced local multiplayer, new songs, a new level map for Blackthorne and localisation for 12 languages.

In addition to this is a "Watch Mode" - allowing you to watch a playthrough and then jump in and take control at any point. To top it off is a Museum section. Here you can view an array of bonus materials such as game art, development assets, unused content, lore, a music player, interviews and more

- Blackthorne®: As mercenary captain Kyle Blackthorne, traverse an alien planet, liberate the Androthi people, and claim your destiny.

- The Lost Vikings®: Help three Vikings—Erik, Baleog, and Olaf—overcome challenging platforms and puzzles to find their way back home.

- Rock N Roll Racing®: Rock out in the raddest vehicular destruction derby this side of 1993. RNRR is back with original rock and metal soundtrack hits plus a few new surprises.

Will you be adding this three-in-one retro collection to your Nintendo Switch home menu? Leave a comment down below.