Apex Legends.original

Respawn Entertainment and EA have now confirmed Apex Legends is coming to the Switch next month on 9th March.

A physical version has also been locked in. After listings were discovered in Japan, EB Games in Australia (GameStop) has revealed a retail copy will be released in stores alongside the digital launch.

As indicated by the Japanese listings, this version is a "download code only" release. In other words, there's no game card. This isn't all that surprising considering the game itself is essentially a battle royale live service that is regularly updated.

Here's a look at the box art, courtesy of JP's Switchmania:

While the base digital version of the game is a free download, this physical copy will set you back $49.95 AUD (or your regional equivalent).

This "Champion Edition" includes 9 legends unlocked, 3 exclusive legendary character skins, 3 exclusive legendary weapon skins, exclusive legendary gun charm and 1,000 Apex Coins.

Would you consider picking up this version of Apex Legends just so you can display the game case on your shelf, or will you be playing for free by downloading the game directly from the eShop? Leave a comment below.

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