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What a time to be alive. Following the rather dramatic saga of the Splatoon keyrings and the ongoing difficulty people are having in getting the Mario 35th Anniversary pins, it's MyNintendo's game to lose - all they have to do is keep giving us things we actually want, rather than, you know, phone wallpapers of Yoshi's feet or something.

These new lenticular magnets - which is the fancy name for those pictures that move when you move - feature Mario/Cat Mario, Luigi/Cat Luigi, Peach/Cat Peach, Toad/Cat Toad, and the boxart from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury/Cat boxart from... nah, we're just kidding.

You can visit the MyNintendo Europe site (just make sure you're signed in) to grab these while they're still in stock for 350 Platinum Points, if you're keen to transform your fridge into a bunch of pictures of people dressed as cats.

In North America, the new rewards include a reversible Bravely Default II poster for 700 Platinum Points, and wallpapers for your PC or phone. Sorry, America - it's not quite as cool as lenticular magnets, and it's also much more expensive. Then again, you did get the pins, so all's fair in the end... right?

One side features Gloria, and the other is Halcyonia (Image: Nintendo)

Will you be grabbing the magnets, the poster, or saving your points for something better?