Splatfest Keychains Sold Out

As part of the upcoming Splatfest, which pitches Super Mushrooms against Super Stars, My Nintendo introduced a brand new reward for only 100 Platinum Points: a set of keyrings, made of laser-cut and engraved acrylic, featuring the two powerups. Now you never have to choose again!

Unfortunately, the keyrings - which were highly anticipated, if Reddit fever is anything to go by - sold out immediately, at least in the US - word has it that they're still available in Japan.

Now, people are turning elsewhere to attempt to buy codes from scalpers. The keyrings are currently selling on eBay for $30, far above their Platinum Point cost.

If you really want to feel jealous of Japan's My Nintendo haul, check out this website that documents the currently available physical rewards over there. Man, we really want that Link's Awakening Drawstring Bag, and that Pokémon coffee sleeve. There's even a Super Mario Odyssey poster set that includes Mario's infamous nipples. We... don't want that.

Did anyone manage to grab the set for themselves? We were busy writing stories like this, and totally missed it.

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