Between games like Stardew Valley and Iconoclasts, we've seen a few efforts by solo developers on Switch so far. Joining their ranks next week is Sally Face, which is set to launch on January 21st.

Featuring a hand-drawn visual style and developed by Steve Gabry – AKA: Portable Moose – this indie game first launched four years ago on PC as a five-part episodic adventure.

Described as a "dark adventure" game, Sally Face follows the story of Sal "Sally Face" Fisher, a boy with a prosthetic face and deals with some intense subject matter that includes suicide, murder and death,

Joined by his three friends, you'll investigate a series of mysterious murders and supernatural occurrences. As part of this, Sal is able to communicate with the dead via the Game Boy-inspired "Gear Boy", letting him learn just what happened.

Whilst it wasn't widely reviewed at the time, Steam users have given it an "Overwhelmingly Positive" reception at just under 5,800 user reviews, which is certainly quite encouraging. In the meantime, pre-orders have since gone live via the eShop, priced at £11.69/$14.99.

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