Update: Top Hat has now shared a series of tweets highlighting the messages circulating on social media about Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story and the studio. You can see them in full over on Twitter. Attached to this is a follow-up response:

We originally did not want to make this post, as to not accidentally incite a search for these posters and cause further fights. However, as there are now industry-adjacent people slandering/gaslighting us as liars, we've compiled a sampling from twitter, FB, and email.

Skepticism is healthy in this industry, but it is not universally applied. Not only were many of these comments actively findable in <10 seconds to verify, but many "curious" individuals seem to have a vetted interest in slandering us as liars because of their connections.

We don't blame people for being skeptical; but keep this energy toward other claims. This isn't a marketing campaign. The game released 5 months ago originally. This was a pre-emptive response to what we saw as a rising, ridiculous spread of lies and slurs aimed at us.

We can play semantics, but if you can't understand why a response to such is needed, you're being willfully obtuse. We couldn't let false, hateful info spread, and also wanted to reinforce our stance against creative infringement. It certainly got bigger than we expected.

With that said, we appreciate, sincerely, the overwhelming support - really. As we said we didn't want to make this post, but we aren't going to allow people to spread lies - no less from those with a vetted interest in calling us liars. We aren't changing Sense's content.

Original article [Sat 2nd Jan, 2021 00:15 GMT]: Top Hat Studios - one of the developers of the upcoming side-scrolling survival horror sci-fi game Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story - has issued a statement regarding apparent calls to censor the game after receiving death threats over the art style.

The studio categorically refuses to censor the title - stating how it won't restrict "creative expression" and believes creators should be allowed "freedom" to express themselves. According to the same statement, there have been threats to review-bomb the title and harass its distributors. In addition to this, it's mentioned how it has passed classification.

Here's the full and rather lengthy message shared by Top Hat on its official Twitter page:

If we hear any developments, we'll be sure to let you know. Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is currently available to pre-order on the Switch for $19.99 and will be released on 7th January. Learn more about this game in our previous story.

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