Kirby Café winter
Image: Kirby Café

The Kirby Café chain is delightfully weird. With dishes featuring the faces and general shapes of Kirby and friends, and names like "Chocolate fondant that Meta Knight sneakily takes out of his cape", it sounds like the kind of place we'd love to go to. You can even order drinks topped with a marshmallow of "Kirby's buttocks".

The Kirby Café menu is being added to for a limited time only, from January 15th to February 28th, with all the additions themed around fruit and chocolate. Thanks to Moshi Moshi's translations, we can appreciate the names of the new dishes, which include "Kirby Café's Stovetop Dessert Pizza ~ Looking Out The Chocolate Train Window", a chocolate bread dip called "Waddle Dee Also Loves Chef's Chocolate Pan Stew", and a strawberry chocolate soda named "Old Odyssey" after the third level of Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

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What are your thoughts on chocolate pizza? Genius culinary fusion, or horrifying waste of pizza? Let us know in the comments.

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