Kickstarter has brought us some of the current generation's more interesting experiences. From spiritual successors like Yooka-Laylee to original hits like CrossCode, many projects have tapped into our nostalgia for retro gaming – though not always for the better. Bringing us an 8-bit fantasy adventure, The Shapeshifter is next in line.

Developed by Green Boy Games, you play as Elliot, an ordinary human who runs into an elf whilst camping. Asked to help save the elven world from a wizard's spell, Elliot is given the power to turn into any animal he touches, letting him traverse a wide range of environments.

Unlike other projects, there's no Switch release planned here; this one is a Game Boy exclusive and it's already close to being funded. With an aim of €6000, it sits at €5564 at the time of writing and you can check out the Kickstarter campaign here, which is due to end on March 18th (update: it has reached its first goal).

As you might expect, there are stretch goals included, too. Reaching €21,000 will secure two new chapters for The Shapeshifter, €30,000 means all physical shipment will come with a collectable coin, and €40,000 will see Green Boy Games bring this game to NES.

An early access ROM is available for €10, playable via a Game Boy Emulator and scheduled to launch in May 2021. Physical collectors will be pleased to hear that higher tiers include a physical Game Boy cartridge from €35, packed with an instruction booklet and cardboard box. A limited physical edition is also available with a unique numbering, though this is limited to 100 units.

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