Bowser's Fury
Image: Nintendo

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is the first major Nintendo Switch release of the year and it's arriving on 12th February.

While we've already heard how 3D World will run much faster compared to the original Wii U release, it seems a number of outlets have now shared information about the frame rate and resolution players can expect across both games.

Here's the round-up, courtesy of Nintendo Everything. It's worth pointing out that the resolution of Bowser's Fury in docked mode may possibly be higher than 720p (the source doesn't clarify docked and handheld differences).

Super Mario 3D World

- 1080p, 60fps (docked)

- 720p, 60fps (portable)

Bowser's Fury

- 720p, 60fps (docked)

- 720p, 30fps (portable)

For the sake of comparison, the original 3D World game on Wii U was 720p, 60fps.

While the above details are enough to get an idea of how this upcoming Switch release will perform, once again - the resolution of Bowser's Fury in docked mode isn't fully confirmed just yet. If it was a bit higher though, it would be more than welcome.

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