As a writer for a gaming site, it can be pretty difficult explaining exactly what we do when asked by inquisitive parents or grandparents who haven't got the foggiest about the internet and games. Today is most certainly one of those days.

Yes, you read the headline correctly: launching today on Nintendo Switch is Save Farty, a trivia game starring a very gassy chicken who relies on you to save its life. The game has you answering "a series of absurd and ridiculous" questions – get one wrong, and poor old Farty meets his demise in a variety of different, but always violent, ways.

Save Farty's publisher, the binary family, has described the game as "a real low point in worldwide trivia games," going on to call it "the sickest game that can be enjoyed alone or with friends since Russian Roulette." It's even published a parody news video (see above), just to remind us how 'bad' it really is.

We can't deny that part of us has been left hugely intrigued, and we imagine a fair few of you will have a similar feeling brewing in your gut – unless it's just wind, of course.

The game is said to boast more than 4,000 multiple choice questions and 50 brutal death animations; you even have three lifelines Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-style, and unlockable animations and sounds are said to lower the tone even further as you make progress.

If you want to give this one a go, you can grab it from the eShop today for $6.99 / £6.99. Let us know if you'll be buying it by letting out a comment below.