Science Fiction's golden era really is calling to us lately. After the news that Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story is coming to Switch next month, it's now been confirmed that developers Assemble Entertainment will bring us a 1950s-style Shoot 'Em Up game called Squadron 51 later this year, working with WhisperGames.

Truthfully, we first learned about it back in 2018, but news has been rather quiet ever since and it joins a fine lineup of shmups including Ikaruga, Aleste Collection, and Jamestown+. Described as a love letter to classic films like War of the Worlds, Godzilla, and Dr. Strangelove, you play as Lieutenant Kaya, fighting for humanity's freedom across 11 side-scrolling levels.

Though you can play alone, Squadron 51 also offers 2 player co-op, alongside a dynamic difficulty system to best suit your play style. You can upgrade your fighter too as you advance, using special attacks to take down this alien menace. Fittingly, these missions are presented with a stylised black-and-white aesthetic and, better yet, it also contains live-action FMV scenes.

Its Kickstarter campaign has now gone live with numerous physical rewards, though sadly that doesn't include a physical copy of the game. At this time, they've already reached £5,328 / $7,269 out of a $28,000 / £20,526 goal, so it seems likely Assemble Entertainment will hit its goal.

Are you excited to see more shmups on Switch? Will you be picking up Squadron 51? Let us know down below.