We've all played classic NES platformer Snake Rattle 'N' Roll, haven't we? Of course we have. But, just in case, here's some background.

As one of the earliest games developed by Nintendo superstars (and makers of Banjo-Kazooie), Rare, Snake Rattle 'N' Roll is all about getting two snakes - named Rattle and Roll - to eat enough "Nibbley Pibbleys" to exit a level. Listen, the '90s were a weird, lawless time.

Although this video of a tool-assisted speedrun is seven years old, it was just today that SEGA Community Manager David Hinds tweeted about it:

In the video, which is completely zoomed out, you can watch the screen bounce around the place to take the snakes to the next level. The score screen hides this fact nicely, and the game doesn't load until the screen is in place. Old school tricks!

But look even closer at the map and you'll see another secret: the words "Nintendo Game Boy" written across one of the levels. This kind of detail is hard to see when you're playing the game, since you can only see a small area at a time, but thanks to modern technology, we can finally appreciate the developers' efforts. Sorry it took so long, Rare!


Do you have fond memories of Snake Rattle 'N' Roll? Reminisce with us in the comments.

[source youtu.be, via twitter.com]