Bowser's Fury
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo's Super Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account has shared some new information about Bowser's Fury.

This new add-on to the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World, which Nintendo has described as a "short but action-packed" standalone adventure will apparently include an option in one of the game menus to adjust the amount of help Mario receives from Bowser Jr. in the game.

Here's a rough translation of the tweet, provided by Google translate:

"Mario teams up with Bowser Jr., who should always be an enemy. Bowser Jr. will help you, pick up items, and "help" by Mario. The degree of help can be set."

Bowser's Fury game menu
Image: Nintendo

It seems there is also the ability to change the camera settings, as illustrated in the below translation:

In addition to receiving some assistance from Bowser Jr., another player can also join in on the fun and take control of him. Will you be jumping straight into Bowser's Fury when Super Mario 3D World arrives on 12th February? Tell us down below.

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