Harvest Moon: One World
Image: Natsume

Every month or so, the Harvest Moon: One World website gives us a look at one of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that will be available to woo in the game. With the advent of a new year, that means a new boy or girl ready for us to feast our eyes upon, and decide whether or not they will make the cut. Harvest Moon is a ruthless and very serious business, folks.

So far, we've seen six handsome boys and girls:

Kanoa (kinda buff, surfer vibe)
Malika (boho-chic, plays the lute)
Sami (definitely a vampire)
Gabrielle (a vet with a belt full of test tubes)
Tristan (a baker who looks twelve)
Kirsi (an archeologist who we're pretty sure is Sonia from Pokémon Sword and Shield)

January's boo is Jamil, who doesn't have much of a backstory beyond "loves animals". However, the website hints that "Jamil's special touch with animals doesn't just end with camels", which makes us think there's some mystery behind this otherwise chill-looking dude.

Have any of these marriage candidates convinced you to get Harvest Moon, or will you be sticking with Story of Seasons? Discuss your favourites in the comments!

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