Harvest Moon: One World might be slowly teasing out all of its bachelors and bachelorettes, like Jamil and his camil - er, camel - from last week, but rival farming game Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town just gave us every single marriage candidate in two trailers: one for the lads, and one for the gals.

In "Meet the Bachelorettes", we have Reina, the party-loving anthropologist, who looks like the dream woman for anyone who's into brunette nerds who love bones and books.

Then, we have Blaire: "a waitress with big dreams", who seems to fit into the "cute blonde who runs the local pub/café/restaurant" trope that Harvest Moon games usually go for.

Laura is an ocean-loving tour guide with a "spunky tomboy that doesn't want to settle down" vibe, if you ask us. She apparently thinks that wet sand is the "best feeling in the world", which might be a dealbreaker for some of you. What a weirdo.

There's Linh, the florist, who seems to fit the bill for "shy girl who takes a while to come out of her shell".

And, finally, there's Bridget, "friend to all animals", who is just Snow White with a pixie cut. We kinda love her, and she can probably take care of the farm after we get married, unlike the rest of these slackers.

Over on the bachelor side of things, we have Damon, the aloof stargazer who wears a leather jacket, so you know he's a Bad Boy. He even has a motorbike!

Then there's Ralph, the "dependable ranger" who takes his job very seriously and seems to be constantly frowning. He's got a kind of "dad" vibe, don't you think?

Emilio, on the other hand, is a "sociable fisherman" who loves "surfin'" and playing guitar. He might be cute, but he definitely doesn't earn enough money to support you. Just sayin'.

If you want someone who can take care of you financially, there's Iori, a "noble Eastern Lord" - there's always at least one person who's a member of the landed gentry in these games, for some reason - who loves tea.

Finally for the boys, we have Jack, who's described simply as a "clever big brother". His personality traits seem to be "wears plaid shirts" and "is a big brother". Hmm.

Have you got a favourite already? Let us know in the comments!

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